• FIDA Personal Coach Certificate
    FIDA Personal Coach Certificate
    2014 - 10 - 28
    FIDA Personal Coach Certificate is one of the five major personal coach certificates in the world. It is a design certificate tailored to provide professional fitness courses for single or small classes.FIDA Personal Coach Certificate has been recognized by more than 100 countries worldwide. FIDA Private Education Certificate is under the flag of the Global Fitness Industry Development Association. Its English name is "Fitness Industry Development Association". Its headquarters is located in Colorado, USA. The Global Fitness Industry Development Association is a non-profit fitness and fitness organization. The Global Fitness Industry Development Association will be the majority of the organizations. Income is spent on research and philanthropy. At present, the global fi...
  • Health Sports Nutritionist
    Health Sports Nutritionist
    2014 - 10 - 28
    Health Sports Nutritionist is a profession born to solve the dietary problems of fitness people. FIDA Nutritionist Certificate is an international certificate issued by the Global Association for the Development of Fitness Industry to train fitness sports nutritionists. The certificate has been widely recognized in the world. With the improvement of the quality of life in various countries, keeping a healthy and symmetrical body has become a topic of increasing concern. Sports nutritionists have been sought after by all countries and are an industry with shortage of talents. In 2016, the Global Association for the Development of Fitness Industry opened a special course for nutritionists training and became one of them. For the world-class cradle of dietitian training, m...
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