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The World Fitness Industry Development Association (FIDA) is headquartered in Colorado, USA. The Global Fitness Industry Development Association (GFIDA) is a non-profit fitness and fitness organization. 

The GFIDA spends most of its income on research and philanthropy. At present, the global fitness industry development association has established more than 20 member organizations in the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, China, Brazil and Singapore. 

The FIDA certificate issued by the association is one of the highest level certificates of international fitness professionals qualification certification, and has been unanimously recognized in the industry.

Corporate culture

The Global Fitness Industry Development Association (FIDA) requires professional examinations to be certified as a professional personal trainer. 

This means that once you pass the FIDA certificate, you will become a professional, skilled and qualified practitioner, and you will also get a huge number of jobs from the FIDA standard system. 

The advantages of professional certification qualifications, in most countries and regions of the world thousands of gyms, have a broader career development prospects.

Fitness enthusiasts


    Whether you have been a fitness enthusiast for many years, or have you just been involved in fitness little white? 

    Mastering scientific fitness methods is indispensable. Although exercise is of great benefit to health, unreasonable training not only often results in half the effort, but also causes irreversible sports injury more easily. 

    By learning FIDA, fitness enthusiasts can not only train themselves more professionally, but also help relatives and friends around them to guide them out of the blind spot of sports. 

    At the same time, when choosing coach for oneself, turn passive into initiative and no longer be blind and helpless.

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