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    • Here, you can learn to update your knowledge, accumulate credits, and increase your competitive advantage. More career development guidance and planning, with a broader platform and more opportunities.

      Personal fitness coaches need to master those professional skills :

      ●Scientific foundation :

      Basic anatomy and nutrition help personal trainers understand the human body from a scientific point of view.

      ●Dynamic and static physiological assessment :

      The systematic evaluation of the health status and sports ability of the customers makes the training plan safer, more rational, more targeted and more personalized.

      ●Fida complex fitness model and its application :

      Fida's unique core features help coaches apply what they have learned to practical training.

      ●Special crowd training :

      It explains how to train members who have been confirmed by doctors to be able to exercise, suffer from various diseases or physical disabilities.

      ●Common musculoskeletal injuries and their implications for sports :

      The common tissue injuries were explained and the treatment criteria of common sports injuries were presented.

      ●Emergency rescue process :

      Basic guidelines and procedures for emergency assistance in gyms.

      ●Legal knowledge and professional responsibilities :

      Personal coaches are often faced with legal professional problems in business model, employment relationship, contract terms, insurance and risk management.

      ●Establish the foundation of private education business :

      Including how to create brand, make financial plans, choose business models and how to market, help coaches find self-positioning, and make business more vibrant.

    • With the popularity of national fitness, amateur and professional events such as marathon, cross-country, golf, football, basketball, volleyball, skiing, skating and fighting are becoming more and more popular. However, contrary to this, the participants'daily training and diet are seriously imbalanced, especially the recognition, training and comparison of nutrients. Dietary arrangements and blind obedience to nutrients during the competition.

      Therefore, sports nutritionists are closer to private customization services, serving an athlete or a team. Moreover, the job responsibilities of sports nutritionists are very demanding, and sports nutritionists need to study the project and individual athletes for a long time.

      Sports nutritionists should provide nutritional services for professional and amateur athletes participating in special training during training period and competition period. They should use modern biochemical nutrition monitoring means to help improve sports level, promote rapid recovery, prevent injuries and sports diseases, and maintain effective muscle content and fit for training. Physical composition, achieve the weight standards required by the competition, and improve the state of the competition through reasonable nutritional means.

      Sport Nutritionist

      Sport Nutritionist Occupation Summary :

      ●Energy and macro nutrients metabolism.

      sports nutrition for Endurance exercise.

      Sport Nutrition for football and basketball.

      Sport Nutrition for teenager.

      Sport Nutrition for elder population.

      Practical Case Examination.

  • Personal Trainer
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
ABOUT-FIDA WORLD FITNESS INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION in the Colorado United States, based on basic anatomy and nutrition, helps personal ···
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Most of the people who came to my gym had little effect. I was surprised that they would pay for membership cards. Although I run a gym better than most of these people have visited a large commercial gym. Typical new members of the gym come only three times a week, although they should come four times as planned. Then they'll miss two training sessions, then maybe one more, and then they won't come back. Most humans are so sad: they are stimulated by the media, presuppositions and prejudices, rumors, and foolish opinions, hoping to do anything easily. So if they pay us ...
I came up with a quick and easy way to teach them as long as they want to learn. In fact, after learning barbell exercises, all young men can easily do five times with weights ranging from 85 to 145 pounds (about 39kg-65kg). And I found that three groups five times, using this weight as a group, the effect is the best. I wrote down the weight and the number of times they used in the training notes. The next time they come to training, they will gain 10 pounds (about 4.5 kg), or even 20 pounds (about 9 kg), and do three groups of five exercises. The same proportion of weight gain is also a...
As the saying goes, the waistcoat line is common, but it's hard to find it.Button is a very important and sexy part of the female body. Beautiful buttocks can attract more heterosexual eyes, even with sex.In fact, buttocks are more difficult to practice than nail line, because the body fat rate is lower than 20% nail line will basically appear, but buttocks are to do strength training to stretch muscle.Many people only know how to squat without raising their hips, but they don't know that only after intensive training can the buttocks look round and full!Share with you the bombing meth...
For people with weak upper limb strength, it is easier to control the movement of lifting legs on a flat plate. Slightly more difficult, you can lie on the ramp and raise your legs on your back, called Incline Leg Raise.Target exercise: lower rectus abdominis (lower abdomen)Main points of action:1. Lie flat on the mat or on a bench (but hold the bench steady with both hands). During the movement, the upper back, arms and hands are fixed.2. Close and straighten your legs, lift them up until your thighs are perpendicular to the ground; pause, recover, repeatMatters needing attention:1. Close and...
Certification / 公司简介
FIDA Personal Coach Certificate is one of the five major personal coach certificates in the world. It is a design certificate tailored to provide professional fitness courses for single or small classes.FIDA Personal Coach Certificate has been recognized by more than 100 countries worldwide. FIDA Private Education Certificate is under the flag of the Global Fitness Industry Development Association. Its English name is "Fitness Industry Development Association". Its headquarters is located in Colorado, USA. The Global Fitness Industry Development Association is a non-profit fitness and fitness organization. The Global Fitness Industry Development Association will be the majority of the organizations. Income is spent on research and philanthropy. At present, the global fitness industry development association has established more than 20 member organizations in the United States, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Canada, China, Brazil and Singapore. The FIDA certifi...
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  • What qualifications a personal fitness coach should possess is a concern of many fitness fans who want to be fitness coaches. Following is a brief analysis of what conditions fitness coaches should have.Firstly, if you want to be a fitness coach, you need to take the fitness coach qualification certificate. There are many kinds of fitness coach qualification certificates. The national professional certificates and national specialized certificates of the national name are circulated and recognized in the industry. If you want to be a fitness coach, you should take one of the two certificates. Secondly, now the gym recruits fitness coaches, but also pay more attention to the experience of participating in professional fitness coach training, and fitness coach training school certificate is ...
  • According to the 2018 Top 100 List of American Fitness Club Industry Income, with the continuous improvement of the U.S. economy, despite the intensification of competition and industry differentiation, the income of most large fitness clubs is still growing.No.1:LA FitnessLA Fitness in Irvine, California, has been the top 100 clubs since 2013. This year is no exception. Although the company, known for its low profile, did not disclose its revenue, reliable insiders revealed that the company's revenue was $2.1 billion, up 5.7% from 2016. It should be noted that these sources can only report income for the past 12 months up to 30 September 2017. By 2017, the company had 705 stores, up from 689 in 2016.No.2:Life TimeLife Time, Minnesota, earned $1.55 billion in 2017, up 5% from...
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